Attention Wedding Photographers: Looking to book more brides?

Get Booked by Your Dream Clients – The SEO Way

Quickly turn your Instagram into an easy to find mini-website, so you can start being found + booked by your dream couples immediately!

You have an Instagram profile for your business, but you’re not getting inquiries. What’s the deal?

You’re tired of…

  • fighting the algorithm and feeling like you have to sell your soul to Zuck to be seen by anybody new
  • putting in the work, but not growing (in followers or bookings)
  • posting constantly, but only getting a couple of likes on your photos (usually from your mom and your best friend)

Now you’re looking for a better way to get found and booked by your dream clients – that DOESN’T require you to post more often, dance on camera, or boost your posts.

here’s the deal…

Instagram is not just a social media platform, it’s also a search engine (just like Google). Your dream clients are already out there, looking for someone just like you to photograph their weddings… but the thing is, because you’re not showing up when they’re searching, they’re booking your competition instead (who ARE doing SEO on Instagram)

If you want to book more brides on Instagram, you have to stop using it solely as a place to share pretty photos and start utilizing it for what it is – a valuable tool where clients can find and book you on the spot, without ever leaving the app.

You want to book more of your dream clients on Instagram, so…

Let me show you that it’s possible

I’m Alex Stead and I’m a marketing strategist for wedding photographers.

Just a few short years ago, I was where you are now.

I was (and am) an introvert, and haaaaated having to be be on social media all the time. I had a great website and was getting found all the time on Google thanks to my extensive SEO strategies, but my Instagram was just a place where I posted the occasional pretty photo, and I wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about.

The same tactics I was using to get found on Google – what if I used those to turn my Instagram into another platform l that was optimized for search? What if instead of coming up with new posts and chasing likes, I let clients come right to me, get all the info they needed, and book on the spot?

I went from hunting to fishing, and everything changed.

This way, instead of posting constantly trying to beat the algorithm, I simply get FOUND by my dream clients who are actively searching for a wedding photographer. Instagram has become an app that I enjoy for connecting, instead of a daily chore that I had to stay on top of.

After implementing this new strategy, I started to get 2-5 new bookings every month without any additional work – no posting daily, going live, or sharing constant stories.

My Instagram SEO strategy took me from barely booked to booked solid, and I didn’t have to dance on camera a single time to do it!

On the inside, here’s what you’ll learn:


Optimize your Profile to Get Found by Your Dream Clients

Lesson 2:

Bio-Hacking – Everything You Need to Know to Turn Visitors into Clients

Lesson 3:

Pinned to Win – How to Become a Client Magnet

Identify Your Dream Client Workbook

Canva Templates

SEO Checklist

Pre-Written Pinned Post Captions

BONUS: 60 Caption Prompts

BONUS: Tech Tutorial

The secret way pros are getting found + booked by dream clients on instagram

“I have been second shooting for 3-4 years and just took the leap to lead and boy is it hard to get that following and trust. It feels like social is the way to get clients and starting from 0 followers has been super discouraging. The tips you share here are game changers. You absolutely gained my trust, this was a very generous offering.” – Jessica

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This course will help new + seasoned photographers alike – by helping you to get found by dream clients who are actively searching but can’t find you! By implementing the tools in this course many people start seeing new inquiries roll in within just a few days.