Hey wedding photographer… if you’re working a lot and barely breaking even, it probably means there’s something wrong with your pricing.

Price For Success

Listen… it’s no surprise to anyone that the market has changed drastically in the last year, and the things that used to work? They just aren’t cutting it anymore. If you want to be profitable in your business, you need a new way of doing things.

Are you confident in your prices, or are some of these questions striking a nerve?

  • Do you set your prices based solely on what others are charging?
  • Are you over-delivering because you don’t feel like you include enough?
  • Do you doubt whether or not you’re worth the price you charge?
  • Are you consdtantly tweaking your packages?
  • Do you avoid raising your rates out of fear that you won’t get any bookings?
  • Are you tired of hearing overdone phrases like ‘luxury’ and ‘high-end’ because it doesn’t feel aligned with your services?d

Pricing your services can feel icky, and straight up give you hives.

Whether it’s the gut-wrenching feeling when someone asks “So how much do you charge?” or the endless second-guessing, worrying if you’re charging too much (or beating yourself up because you know you charged too little) we know all too well how stressful it can be to come up with winning prices that reflect your skill level AND allow you to make a profit.


You find yourself on a similar balance beam:

One minute you’re hyped up and feeling great about your rates, and the next, you’re depressed thinking about the couples who ghosted you after you sent them your pricing guide.

But remember: it doesn’t have to be like this.

We can show you exactly not just how to set your rates, but build packages that sell, and put them together in a way that makes your clients go “sign me up!”

… in a fraction of the time (and without losing your sanity)


Pricing For Success

On the inside, here’s what you’ll get:

A complete pricing workbook to learn how to create prices + packages that SELL (valued at $49)

Wedding Photography Pricing Calculator (Valued at $27)

Fully Customizable Pricing Template (Valued at $68)

I’m Alex Stead and I’m a business strategist for wedding photographers.

Just a few short years ago, I was where you are now.

I knew that I wanted to charge my worth and go full-time as a wedding photographer… the only problem was, I didn’t actually know what my worth was. I saw photographers in my area charging less than $1000, and upwards of $10,000. With such a big range, how did I know where I fit?

I didn’t feel like a ‘high-end’ photographer, but I also knew that I didn’t want to pigeonhole myself as the lowest priced photographer, either.

I was pricing based on vibes only, and at the end of my first year, I realized that I hadn’t made enough to make it through the slow season.

I needed to base my prices on more than just what felt right or what others were charging. I needed to get real with myself, and create a pricing structure that served my long-term goals (like providing for myself in the off-season!) AND was realistic for my actual local market (not hypothetical ‘luxury’ clients that didn’t exist).

I created rates based on data, and used sales psychology to upsell the clients who were already inquiring with me into higher packages.

Then, I put those packages into a beautiful booking guide that I could send to clients, along with professionally-written copy and FAQs, so that clients could easily picture themselves working with me.

After implementing this new strategy, I had my first 6 figure year!

This bundle includes….


Gain invaluable clarity on where you fit in your market, research your competition, and build your packages using a simple but crazy effective sales psychology technique


Learn exactly what you need to charge to cover your costs + time you spend serving your clients with quick and easy plug-and-play calculations that require NO math on your part!

Pricing Template

Put it all together in a beautiful pricing guide that you can share with your clients, complete with copy + FAQ and fully customizable for your own branding

What if you didn’t have to worry anymore about if your pricing was the reason why you were being ghosted?

This pricing bundle makes it easy to set your rates and packages based on DATA, not vibes. The ultimate goal is to make it easy as humanly possible for you to create your booking guide in a way that’s fun + guided, so you have the confidence that your prices are in line with both your local market and your ability to make a profit, so you can see long-term success as a wedding photographer.

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Price For Success is for two specific types of people…


Brand new and aspiring wedding photographers who don’t know where to start


The photographer that feels stuck and wants to start making more profit per client

Total value = $144. get instant access now for just $7