Attention Entrepreneurs in NL: Looking to bring your passive income idea to life?

Start Your Passive Income Journey with a Sales Funnel

Have you been sitting on an idea to create a course or membership but you’re not quite sure where to start?

You have a successful local business where you show up in person and serve your clients.

You’re tired of…

  • trading time for money
  • putting in the work, but not seeing significant growth in your business because you don’t have more time in the day to serve more people
  • thinking about creating a passive income stream – you’re ready to finally put in the work to make it happen
  • throwing ideas around without a strategy or plan on how to make it happen

Now you’re looking for a strategy to make your passive income dreams a reality

here’s the deal…

Creating a passive income stream isn’t rocket science, but it does require having a sales funnel in place before you can start making money.

What’s a Sales Funnel, and Why Do I Need One?

A sales funnel is a strategy in which your dream clients find YOU, sign up for a free or low-ticket product (like a webinar or toolkit), join your email list, and are then nurtured via a series of automated emails until you’re ready to sell your course or membership to them. By creating a sales funnel first, you have a list of qualified people who are ready to buy from you as soon as your passive income product is ready!

Your dream clients are already out there, looking for someone just like you to solve their problems… but the thing is, because you’re not showing up in front of them, they’re booking your competition instead (who ARE successfully funneling your clients into their offers!)

If you want to create a passive income stream, you have to have a sales funnel working for you 24/7 to bring your dream clients directly to you.

This is the very first step you need to take if you want to start making passive income in 2024.

You want to create a passive income stream, so…

Let me show you that it’s possible

I’m Alex Stead and I’m a marketing strategist for wedding photographers.

Just a few short years ago, I was where you are now.

I was (and am) an introvert, and haaaaate having to be be on social media all the time. I was booked + busy working one on one with clients in my local area, but I wanted to take the pressure off and create sustainable, monthly income that didn’t require me to be constantly working, and allowed me to help way more people.

I read the books Dot Com Secrets by Russell Bruson and 100 M Leads by Alex Hormozi, which are both focused on how to create large audiences of qualified leads that want to buy from you.

To pivot into passive income, I needed a way to reach way more people. Instead of coming up with new posts and chasing likes, I created a funnel so that I could reach thousands of people and nurture them in an automated email sales funnel. Now, whenever I launch a new online product or service, I have thousands of people primed and ready to buy, and I don’t need to work 1:1 with them.

I went from hunting to fishing, and everything changed.

This way, instead of posting constantly trying to beat the algorithm, I simply get FOUND by my dream clients who are actively searching for a solution to their problem.

After implementing this new strategy, I started to make an additional $1000 every month without any additional work – no posting daily, going live, or sharing constant stories.

My funnel strategy took me from barely booked to booked solid, and I didn’t have to dance on camera a single time to do it!

Here’s How it Works, in 6 Simple Steps:

1. Identify Your Dream Client

2. Create a Lead Magnet That Solves Your Dream Client’s Big Problem

3. Build An Automated Email Nurture Sequence

4. Utilize Meta Ads to Reach Your Dream Clients

5. Link Everything Together So It Runs 24/7 Without You

6. Start Getting Dream Clients in Your Brand New Passive Income Sales Funnel

The secret way pros are creating passive income streams

how Much Does This Cost?

Individual services start at just $800, with most clients spending between $1800-2400 for a full done-for-you sales funnel. Federal funding is available for this service – I’m happy to walk you through the process of applying for grants to receive this service completely free of charge!

start building passive income now

become a magnet for your dream clients

Got Questions? FAQ

This VIP offer is meant to go from start to finish in less than a month; with an initial 30 minute audit, a full VIP day and 2 follow-up sessions. Once our VIP day is over, everything will be fully implemented everything and you can start seeing instant results.

Due to the nature of the customized service, there are no refunds on this offer.

This course will help new + seasoned business owners alike – by helping you to get found by dream clients who are actively searching but can’t find you! By implementing the tools in this course many people start seeing new inquiries roll in within just a few days.

Creating a sales funnel is actually the ideal first step to building a passive income stream. By focusing on how your ideal clients move through your funnel, you can use this program to create perfect products for your dream clients that they actually want to buy. Starting from the top down will allow you to create a funnel that continues to fill your email list and any future offers you create to serve your clients.

Sure can! We offer a special discount on branding photos + video to our VIP day clients. I recommend booking branding photos for a few days after your VIP day, so that we know exactly what images and video we need to create, and can then use the images + video in your sales funnel.