attention aspiring photographers!

Hey parents! Transform your family snapshots into gorgeous print-worthy portraits without overwhelm or tech jargon

stop relying on your smartphone or auto-mode. Instead, unlock the potential of your fancy camera to capture stunning, heartfelt family memories that you can pass down for generations.




except once you got your camera, you realized just how much there was to learn to make that happen.

  • You were good to charge the battery, turn it on, take a couple of test shots… but you’re not sure what the rest of the buttons do and you don’t want to f*ck it up
  • So using your iPhone feels safer (the photos don’t look amazing, but at least you know it won’t be blurry, right?)
  • You even tried reading your manual and watching Youtube videos… and nearly fell asleep
  • The camera is in the drawer… or the closet… it’s definitely somewhere around here.

And all you wanted was to be able to take ONE nice photo of your kids looking cute!

You want to…

Preserve the small everyday moments

The kids (or dogs) are always doing cute shit, and maybe the next time they get into the flour bin or your makeup drawer, you could laugh about it and grab your camera instead of rushing right for the cleaning supplies

Take professional-quality portraits of your family

Look, between you and me, we both know what you’re thinking – you don’t plan on being a professional anytime soon, but it sure would be nice to get some great shots in between those expensive shoots (and if you can cut back on the shoots and do some of them yourself… well… that would just be a bonus)

Learn a fun new hobby that’s just for you

Remember how it felt when you finally had that AHA moment of learning how to ride a bike? This will be just like that. Once you master your camera settings (and you can!) you will never not know how to use your camera. And, you’ll be doing it all with a community of people who are just as excited to learn as you are.

On the inside, here’s what you’ll learn:

And get instant access to these resources:

Steal My Settings: Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets for all lighting situations where you can literally copy my exact settings!

Buy Like a Pro: Buying Guide

Not sure what you need next? I’ve laid it all out including best places to shop for deals.

Quick Win Quizzes

Each lesson comes with a quick, fun multiple choice quiz so you can test your knowledge on the spot

Prompt Cards

Whether you have a toddler who screams when she sees the camera or a bored teenager, get access to the exact prompts I use to get genuine, relaxed smiles out of anyone.

Real-Time Coaching

Join to get expert help from professional photographer Alex Stead and her team

  • 24/7 Questions answered
  • Tech Tutorials
  • Image Reviews
  • Member Makeovers


You’re not doing this alone – join other aspiring photographers who are just as excited to learn as you are!

  • Connect with like-minded individuals
  • Get different perspectives on your photos
  • Build connections

Frequently Asked Questions

This course teaches you how to use the DSLR camera you already own. If you have a Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus, or any other camera where the lens can be removed, this course will help you transform your photos! If you don’t yet have a DSLR camera, you can still join to learn the basics of photography + use the buying guide to aid you in purchasing your first (or next) camera.

You can get a full no-questionas-asked refund within 7 days of purchase. Due to the nature of the course, no refunds will be available after that time.

When you sign up, you will be charged $7/monthly to have continuing access to the course, coaching, and community. You can cancel your membership anytime and will not be charged again.

Once you sign up, you will be emailed a link to the course portal, as well as an invite to the private members-only community.

You will have access to the course as long as you are a paying member. If you would like lifetime access, I do have an option to purchase the course outright for $197, however that does not come with live coaching or the private members-only community, which can only be accessed with the $7/month membership.

This course is delivered as a series of video walk-throughs, PDFs, quizzes, and written trainings, as well as live Q+A and image reviews. No matter your learning style, there’s something here for you!

This course is 100% for beginners! If you have a fancy camera that you were excited to learn how to use, but got overwhelmed… you are in the right place.

Money-Back Guarantee

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes absolutely! We swear by our training so much that we offer a no questions asked 7-day money-back guarantee.

Join a community of aspiring photographers and get access to…

Easy-to-implement Photography Training

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24/7 Coaching


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