Mastering Engagement Photography

Calling all wedding and portrait photographers who aspire to stand out! In just four days, ‘Focus on Love’ equips you with the skills to create jaw-dropping styled shoots

Over the next 4 days,

you’ll learn how to…

  1. Create an amazing styled shoot
    Go from no ideas to a beautifully-curated shoot plan
  2. Find free models for your portfolio
    Even if you don’t have a name yet
  3. Pose like a pro
    Make sure subjects look + feel amazing
  4. Edit your images and deliver with ease
    Create and share gorgeous, frame-worthy images

I love how excited you are about helping other photographers grow their business – it made me excited too!


If you’re interested in leveling up what you can do with your photography business I cannot recommend this enough. Take it. You’ll be so happy you did!


SO MUCH VALUE. I left feeling inspired and more knowledgeable from every single module.


What you’ll get:

✓ A daily video and worksheet for each topic we’ll be covering 

✓ A daily live group Q&A during the event to answer any questions you may have

2 weeks access to our challenge Facebook group to meet others and help you take action