Hey aspiring photographer… are you dreaming of a photography business but have no idea where to even start?

Get your photography business started in only 4 weeks

(even if you have zero experience and don’t even know how to use the settings on your camera)

Have you been dreaming of starting a photography business… but you’ve been spinning your wheels and wishing you had a strategy?

  • Do you struggle with the settings on your camera?
  • Are you constantly second-guessing yourself + your abilities?
  • Have you avoided starting an Instagram page out of fear?
  • Do you wish you were more confident reaching out to friends to help you build your portfolio?
  • Do you doubt whether or not you’re capable of running a business?
  • Are you watching others succeed while you keep thinking about ‘some day’?

Starting a photography business is daunting…

but you don’t need to do it alone.

Photo Biz Bootcamp

After just 30 days, you will have…

a portfolio you’re proud of

by the end of the month you’ll have a gorgeous portfolio of images, AND know exactly how to continue taking amazing photos for all your future clients

the knowledge + skill to work with clients

you’ll know how to DM potential clients so they want to book, professionally pose anybody, edit your images, and deliver incredible results

a professional Instagram account

along with the the know-how to create posts that attract new clients, optimize your account and continue your growth long after the bootcamp is complete

Hey there!

I’m your coach, Alex Stead.

Just a few short years ago, I was where you are now.

I wanted so badly to become a professional photographer… but I had no idea how to transition from ‘girl with a camera’ to ‘photographer’. How would I know when I was ready to start taking clients? What if I wasn’t good enough?

I didn’t *feel* like a photographer yet, but I also had no idea what steps to take to start feeling confident enough in my skills to call myself a photographer.

Now that I’m a professional photographer and I work with brands like Walmart, Lululemon, Reader’s Digest, and photograph hundreds of paid photo sessions a year, I’ve noticed my photography students have the same doubts about their abilities – and the same lack of confidence.

I wanted to find a way to help them get past that initial hurdle faster than I did, without going through all the struggles that I went through to get there…

In Photo Biz Bootcamp, I walk you through step-by-step exactly how to use your camera to its fullest, work with clients, edit and deliver images, and build a rock-solid online portfolio so that you have a strong foundation and can feel confident saying “yes, I’m a photographer!”

If you start right now…

By July 7th:

you will be confident with your camera skills

By July 14th:

you’ll have photographed 5 sessions

By July 21st:

you’ll have a professional Instagram account full of gorgeous photos

And by August 1st:

you’ll have a photography business

Don’t just take it from me… here’s what past students have had to say

Still have questions?

We have answers (hopefully!). If your question isn’t answered here, feel free to email me directly at alex@alexstead.ca or @alexstead on Instagram.

Babes if you are a total beginner this is FOR you. This is the most welcoming, inviting space for folks who have been dreaming of being a photographer for years, but haven’t known where to start. If this is you… welcome. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be.

The difference is that this time you have a mentor to show you the way, an accountability group of others who are doing this right alongside you, as well as a proven strategy to make this happen! This time is FOR YOU!

You don’t need to know how to use your camera – not even a little bit. If you can figure out how to turn the camera on, you’re good (and if you don’t, we’ll help you with that too, haha). We’ll cover all the basics of using the camera in the first few days of the bootcamp, and you’ll gain the practical skills you need in the field when you actually start booking sessions in the second week.

It definitely can be! This course could be just the boost you need to get the passion back for your business with coaching and accountability. Each day you’ll be given a new task, and if you’re someone who thrives under the pressure of being told what to do with a deadline, you will certainly gain a lot from this bootcamp even if you already know how to use your camera or have a professional Instagram account.

This bootcamp is all about putting in the pre-launch foundations that you need BEFORE you start charging for your photography. You will be doing styled shoots (also called TFP) for free to build your portfolio and learn the valuable skills necessary to work with people, shoot, edit, and post your work. Taking things one step at a time is the best way to create consistent growth! If you’d like to continue your journey after the bootcamp, I recommend joining my membership The Club, where there are loads of lessons on how to price your services and make your first $10k as a photographer. There are no guarantees in this bootcamp, as in life – but the work you put in will play a huge role in your results.

Part of the bootcamp is learning to use a professional editing program called Lightroom Classic on either a laptop or desktop computer (it will be very difficult on a phone or tablet, sorry!). There is a free 30-day trial of Lightroom Classic, at the end of the bootcamp if you wish to keep using it, it’s around $20/month. If you’ve already used the trial, you will need to sign up for the paid version to use it for the bootcamp. I’ll also recommend some lenses and other camera accessories to make your photos stand out, but these are totally optional.

Ideal cameras include:

Canon: Rebel XT, XSi, SL2 or any of the the SL range, T7 or any of the T range, RP or any of the R range

Nikon: D3200 or anything in the D3000, D5000, or D7000 range; D80, D90, D200, D300

Fujifilm: XT-30, X-S10, X-T20, XT2, XT3

Sony: A6000, A6100, A6400, RX100, A33, A55, A57

Olympus: OM-D E-M1, E-M5 Mark II

You can also use this list and filter by brand – if your camera is on it, you’re good for the bootcamp!

Growing up, my parents always said that if I signed up for a class, I had to show up + put in the work… and if I didn’t want to sign up for the following season, I didn’t have to. When you sign up for the bootcamp, decide to give it your all for the 30 days, and if at the end you decide that you don’t want to be a photographer after this? You’ve spent less than $50 to learn a really cool skill that will serve you in a ton of ways for the rest of your life, whether you pursue a business or not.

Disclaimer: This bootcamp is an entry point into running a photography business and covers the basics of camera settings, posing, editing, and marketing, but does not cover pricing, contracts, or many other very important aspects of running a successful business which you will absolutely need to successfully run a photography business. Those topics are covered in other products that I offer (including The Club Membership) if you wish to avail of them. Your background, dedication, desire, and motivation will impact your individual success. While I share the strategies and methods that have worked for me and past students of mine, I cannot guarantee you will achieve the same results. Your results will vary and depend on many factors, including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS PAGE.