Ready to book 15+ weddings per year?

The Wildly Profitable Wedding Photographer Academy is a 3 month program for wedding photographers who want to…

– Get Fully Booked

– Turn Their Hobby Into a Full-Time, 6-Figure Income

– Create an Automated Sales Funnel (So You Don’t Have to Be on Social Media 24/7!)

Here’s what you’ll learn in The Wildly Profitable Wedding Photographer Academy:

1. pricing for profit

– From the ground up: create a personalized game plan for growth

– Double your day rate: the secret sauce to instantly raising your prices and becoming the expert in your area (even if you’re new to the game)

– Psychology of packages: crafting a premium offer that clients can’t say no to

– The art of the automated up-sell: How I make an additional $2500 per year without any additional work

2. marketing made effortless

– Site that sells: Create a professional (and beautiful) landing page that attracts clients for you

– Easy Breezy advanced SEO: How to be found on every search engine by your dream clients, forever

– Set it and forget it: Social media strategies that require less than 1 hour per month to maintain

– Start getting too many inquiries: Put together your first high-converting Facebook ad

3. clients on demand

– Smooth Sales: master the un-sell phone call script that gets a 99% booking rate

– Learn how to handle objections (IE: “that’s not in our budget”)

– Utilize the power of wedding day secrets to get referrals on repeat

– Reputation is everything: How to build a brand that triples your client lifetime value

– The off-season: what to do now that you have too much time on your hands

plus these bonuses:

Tech Tutorials

Step-by-step walk-throughs on setting up + maintaining all the technical elements of your marketing and sales funnel

“It’s not me, it’s you, actually”: Email swipe files

You’ll get access to all of the scripts I use to communicate difficult conversations with my clients around asking for discounts, editing requests, shot lists, letting clients go, and more

Fill-in-the-Blank Templates

Drag-and-drop templates for rate cards, booking guides, landing pages, and ads

From barely booked to booked solid:

Apply now to join The Wildly Profitable Wedding Photographer Academy

Here’s how this program is structured:

3-Step Road Map

The course follows an easy-to-implement system: 1: pricing for profit, 2: marketing made effortless, and 3: clients on demand. The course material is all self-paced and pre recorded so you can complete it as you have time. You can start and stop as life gets busy.

Weekly Live Group Coaching (x12)

Each week you get the opportunity to sit in the hot seat: This is the perfect chance to get your questions answered and receive personalized coaching from industry pros, as well as learn from the questions and coaching of your peers.

Private Students-Only Community

You’ll be doing the program with a small group of other photographers that you can bounce ideas off of and share your wins with. This community is a great place to get support, accountability, and feedback.

Content Audits and Feedback Review:

We’ll do regular check-ins to map out your goals and renew your focus. This will help you stay on track and make progress towards your business goals. You can submit your content for feedback throughout the 12-weeks.

See what our happy students have to say:

I feel more confident in my work and I feel like I had the knowledge and resources available to me to take my business to the next step.


If you’re interested in leveling up what you can do with your photography business I cannot recommend this enough. Take it. You’ll be so happy you did!


This program has fundamentally changed how I think about my own work and its worth.


Hi, I’m Alex.

The formal stuff:

Bachelors of Business Administration from Memorial University

Named Atlantic Canada’s Top Young Entrepreneur

Nominated for RBC ‘s Female Entrepreneur of the Year

Nominated for National Magazine Award in Photojournalism

Recipient of The Arts and Letters Award in Photography

I’m a marketing strategist who happened to become a photographer.

Out of necessity, I grew a wedding photography business to 6-figures, allowing me to work less than 4 months of the year with dream couples in amazing locations – and use the rest of my time to travel and pursue brand deals with companies like Lululemon, Walmart, and NBC. Now I teach photographers how to make money, and I work as a marketing strategist + photographer for local and global brands.

I realized that most photographers don’t know that there’s a tried-and-true system to inquiries + booking high-end clients on demand.

Over the past 5 years i have supported hundreds of photographers, encouraging them to lean into their inner creative, start businesses, or grow to 6-figures (and up).

I want to teach you how to create your dream business using an automated leads funnel.

this is for you if:

You’re ready to invest in your business and growth

You’ve outgrown discounted photography packages

You want to be a full-time wedding photographer

this is NOT for you if:

ⓧ You don’t want to spend money on paid advertising (fb + ig ads)

ⓧ You’re already making 6 figures as a photographer

ⓧ You don’t want to specialize in weddings to grow your business

“Before [the wildly profitable wedding photographer academy], I was working a lot of hours for an “okay” amount of money and feeling scared to create the work I actually wanted to be creating. My only hesitation was the investment and whether I could

realistically make the cost work during my slower season. But there was SO MUCH VALUE. I made my money back + so much more already from this! I left feeling inspired and more knowledgable from every single session.”  – Lindsay Ralph

frequently asked questions

got questions? we got answers.

i don’t think my market is the same as yours – how are you sure you can help me?

while different markets are, well, different; the principles of sales, marketing, and running a business are universal. whether you’re in a small rural town or a major city, this course will work for you. I know this because I have run 6-figure photography businesses in towns where the population is a rounding error, and in big cities with a ton of competition. The system works wherever I go, because the system works.

i already have a business, is this for me?

absolutely! the ideal student is one who has made at least $10k in their business already, who understands the principles of photography (lighting, editing, etc) and has worked with clients, but is ready to grow their business skills to scale to a 6-figure business.

can i do this if i work full-time?

you sure can! this program is built for the busy person who is ready to make a change in their life. the course material is all self-paced, and the group calls take place in the evenings. as long as you are willing to commit a few hours a week, you’re good to go.

i’m not sure if i can afford something like this! I’m barely even making money as a photographer yet!

let’s chat before we make any assumptions! payment plans are available, and you’d be surprised at how quickly you’ll see your income increase. most students make back their investment before the course is even finished.

my life is crazy. can i do this later?

you definitely can… but when does life ever slow down? the only way to make change is to make change.

what are you waiting for? let’s do this!